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As cryptocurrencies are becoming more accessible to the general public, EOS remains one of the trickiest assets for newcomers. Creating an account costs a fraction of the base price. At times of high activity, users might have to pay extra to increase their stake — simply for their transactions to go through. In a nutshell, the stronger EOS gets, the more investment it requires. To ease these pain points, we created Wombat — a free EOS wallet.

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We strive to make Wombat as user-friendly as possible. With the idea of freedom at the heart of distributed ledgers, we believe that accessing them should also be free — always. Which is why we don’t charge users for creating an account with our EOS wallet. We also maintain a Resource Pool to optimize every account’s stake on the network, allowing for speedy processing of transactions.


When a new user signs up, we allocate EOS on their behalf. It’s not a lot, but it is enough for people to start using the wallet free of charge in less than 20 seconds. This is supported directly by our community members through paid extras.

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Absolutely not. We stand by our position as a free EOS wallet, and we made sure to provide every user with sufficient resources. Every EOS account on Wombat has a cap of five costless transactions per day. That way, most of the account holders with moderate wallet use would never have to pay for moving funds. 

Larger transactions volumes are charged based on the accounts’ usual stake on the EOS network. We take care of staking so that users never have to worry about this process.  Alternatively, users can also upgrade to Wombat Premium to get 50 free transactions per day.


1). Find Wombat on Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). Click on “Install”. 

Our free EOS wallet also has a Google Chrome version. To access Wombat on desktop, look it up in the Chrome Web Store and install as a normal extension. 

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2). The app will ask you to register via Google, Facebook or Twitter. We chose these sign-up options to make the onboarding process easier, especially for those who have never used a crypto wallet before. 

3). New users will be asked to choose their private key backup storage (Google Drive or Dropbox). This also allows users to recover their lost private keys. Existing users can easily import their data with their EOS names and private keys.

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4). Enter a pin password or set up fingerprint recognition. Our EOS wallet needs these to protect your funds, so you will need these every time you log into Wombat.

5). Create your EOS account name. It should contain 12 characters and include only numbers 1-5 and lower case letters. Wait until the process is done — completely free of charge!

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