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How to play Prospectors?

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Wombat is the easiest way to play Prospectors

If you don't know how to play Prospectors, getting started with Wombat may be the best option for you. Wombat is your entry to the world of Prospectors. Wombat is a free wallet and dApp explorer which automatically creates a required EOS account for you and lets you start playing Prospectors right away. Learn more about Wombat's features and why it is not only the "go to solution" for playing Prospectors but for all other dApps as well. Also read up on the 3 things you need to know before playing Prospectors, which you can find below. If you just want to start playing Prospectors you can download Wombat from it's official sources and suited for the device you want play Prospectors with.

Download Wombat and play Prospectors now
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3 Things YOU NEED TO KNOW before playing Prospectors

EOS account needed for entering the world of Prospectors

Prospectors is a blockchain game also often referred to as a dApp. It is powered by the EOS blockchain therefore you will need an EOS account in order to access it. The creation of an EOS account can be complex and usually does not come for free. Not so with Wombat. With Wombat the EOS account creation is free and as easy as it gets. All you need to do is to install Wombat on your device. Wombat's mission is to open the blockchain world for everyone hence the account creation process is 100% automated. You can literally start playing Prospectors in no time. After installment you can open Prospectors or explore other great dApps from within Wombat.

Staked resources needed for playing Prospectors without limits

When playing Prospectors you do not want to have any technicalities restricting your gameplay. But due to the infrastructure of the EOS blockchain you could run short on bandwidth for your EOS account. This means that you won't able to play Prospectors at busy times unless you stake EOS for the bandwidth your account requires. In order to prevent you from running out of bandwidth Wombat provides and stakes needed resources fully automated. As a result of using Wombat you do not have to care about anything but playing Prospectors. Thereby it is guaranteed that all your games and crypto assets can be used and accessed any time.

Secure and reliable wallet needed to store your treasures and sign transactions

Prospectors is all about building, mining, producing, uniting and trading with others in order to gain Prospectors Gold. This in-game currency can then be converted to PGL Tokens, a cryptocurrency which can actually be traded on exchanges. No need to explain why you want your valuable currencies and in-game assets to be stored securely in a wallet you can rely on. With Wombat you can hold PGL Tokens as well as many other currencies and assets at one place, with all the functionalities you would expect from a wallet. Moreover, our lightweight transaction signing process allows for human readable transactions, so that you know what you are dealing with when transferring assets. Additionally, Wombat has a whitelisting functionality included. Through that you can permit automated transaction signing for trusted and recurring game transactions, which makes you Prospectors game experience more fluent than ever.

Download Wombat and play Prospectors now
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