The Wallet That Redefines
Blockchain Gaming

The Wallet That Redefines
Blockchain Gaming

  • Speedy onboarding: start playing in 20 seconds
  • No need to stake for CPU: you focus on the fun, we cover the rest
  • A truly rewarding experience: compete for prizes in exclusive contests and earn EOS with our games
  • Easy asset management


Chain Clash

Chain Clash is an action-packed collectibles & fighting game for passionate crypto supporters. Collect, train and develop the strongest avatars to crush the competition and win epic rewards!


Grow your world and emerge as tycoon. Prospectors is an economic strategy game in which you can try to build your empire — alone or united in an alliance.

EOS Racing

Start the engine and prove the world who is the most furious racer. Collect, trade and upgrade your car and take advantage of the attractive prize pools for the daily competitions.

EOS Dynasty

Sharpen your sword and rule the kingdom! EOS Dynasty is a super fun RPG with a true multiplayer mode. Earn your material and craft your weapons to win the most epic battles. Naturally, you can trade all items and eqiupment on the marketplace and monetize your achievements.

Crypto Sword & Magic

Crypto Sword & Magic is a traditional RPG game that raises heroes and challenges new dungeons. Even when you are not playing the game, you can always play with others in a mercenary mode. Hop into the world with your heroes!

Hexa Puzzle Duel

Hexa Puzzle Duel is a skill-based and drag-and-drop casual game with addictive potential. The game takes Tetris to the next level and features rewards and the duel format in the game.

Candypop Duel

Candypop is a fun and entertaining casual game with addictive potential. The game takes the classic Candy Pop to the next level and features rewards and the duel format in the game.

Solitaire Duel

Solitaire Duel brings the vintage game solitaire to the next level by adding a multiplayer mode and attractive rewards. Give it a try and kill some time with this classic!

Blockchain made simple

Wombat is free, fun and easy to use. Jump into the blockchain world and enjoy the benefits of the new internet. We take care of the rest.

Worry-free wallet

No matter how many treasures you have won in games, how much cryptocurrency you hold or how much digital assets you store, Wombat makes your wallet safer than Fort Knox and easier than ever to recover your keys.

Dynamic scaling

At busy times the workload on the blockchain can be very high, hence users run short on bandwidth for their account. By automatically re-staking needed resources Wombat guarantees that your favourite Apps and crypto-assets can be used and accessed any time.

Unlimited Play

Wombat's CPU Partner Program called Unlimited Play enables enrolled partners to hand over the CPU cost to Wombat so that neither the dApp nor the user have to worry about their CPU anymore.

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