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EOS Racing is a great new racing game which is based on the EOS blockchain. The main objective of the game is to compete against others in achieving a better lap time. Thereby, a race car needs to be maneuvered with skill through traffic. Winners can earn themselves rewards in the form of EOS or in-game items like fuel or different car pieces. One can participate in individual races as well as in competitions where they rank against multiple opponents. During the course of the game cars can be levelled up, bought, sold, assembled or disassembled. The game also has a marketplace integrated on which cars, car pieces and fuel can be traded among users.  With the right strategy and good trading skills players can actually make a small profit by playing. With this being said, EOS racing has everything one can ask from a blockchain game. Definitely a must play for all blockchain gamers and EOS enthusiasts.

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How to play and rule EOS Racing

The game EOS Racing is all about skill of reaction. Players with quick fingers may find it easier to not only drive safe through traffic but to make use of the game mechanics in order to drive the best laps. Apart from skill, the type of car and the level of a car are the main factors for reaching higher speeds respectively driving shorter lap times. Also the knowledge of the game mechanics as well as the set up of a good strategy may help starters in the beginning. 

5 Tips and need-to-knows to kickstart your game

1. Be aware of “Slipstream” and the “Booster Effect”

When driving behind a vehicle you can make use of the slipstream which means your car will accelerate more. This will happen even on bigger gaps between you and the car in front of you. So you want to drive behind other vehicles as much and long as possible before overtaking them. Coming closer to cars in front of you is inevitably. This is where the Booster Effect comes into play. When you overtake another car close before crashing into it, your car accelerates even more. Only when making use of this Booster Effect you will be able to compete on a higher level against skilled drivers. When crashing with a vehicle you will slow down and lose valuable milliseconds, so in case another car is in your view try to drive behind it immediately after the crash to regain you speed faster.

2. Train your skills with matches against others

The entry to each race costs fuel. Single matches only cost 1 liter whereas  competitions cost 15 liters. Every user starts with a full tank comprising 100 liters.  Since your fuel is limited and you will run out of it sooner or later, it makes sense to start single matches first. That way you can get used to steering and driving slipstream or with booster effect. Moreover, won matches will earn you car pieces which you either collect to assemble a new car or trade on the marketplace. For lost matches you can also get compensated (happening with a certain probability) with the fuel you have invested to start the match initially.

3. Sell won pieces and reinvest in fuel or upgrades

The only way to get more fuel is by buying it on the marketplace or disassembling your car. Since you will only have one car in the beginning you rather want to buy fuel than getting rid of your precious vehicle. Moreover, upgrading your car may be mandatory at some point, as it is the only possibility to increase the top speed. The top speed is important if you want to go for the win. Most likely, (re-)investments of some EOS need to happen at some point. To earn the needed EOS and not pay it from you pocket you can sell the car pieces you have won during matches. Before that have a look at the marketplace and check out what comparable pieces are trading for in order to set the price right.

4. Participate in competitions for fuel first

Even though winning competitions can be a tough challenge for newbies, you may want to prove your skills to earn a share of the prizes. There are three types of competitions to participate in which vary in the prizes you can win. Those prizes are EOS, bundles of car pieces or so called surprises which are mostly fuel. If you are going for a competition it’s recommended you start with the competition for fuel first. Since every participation costs 15 liters it makes sense to get your hands on fuel first so that you don’t run out of it any time soon.

5. Optionally: Invest in upgrades and fuel right at the start

In order to gain a little advantage right from the start you may want to consider investing some EOS in the level of your car and back yourself up with a sufficient amount of fuel from the marketplace. Even if you are the best driver out there the level thus the maximum speed of your car can limit your success in competitions. As a result you will have less chances of being in one of the top spots and receive less price shares respectively. With above mentioned tips it is possible to earn needed EOS step by step, but winning early on and ranking better in competitions may also result in higher rewards. Hence early investments in your car may pay off sooner.

Download WOmbat and play eos racing now
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