A free Wombat Account Upgrade

At Wombat, we’re working every day to create a product that makes blockchain easy to use and secure at the same time. On our mission to make Wombat the best possible experience, we reached a new step which all Wombat users will be able to enjoy upon the next software update, meaning that you can upgrade from a multi-sig EOS account to single-sig by simply signing an “updateauth” action with Wombat.

All accounts created with Wombat and older than approximately 2 weeks will get a free account upgrade (all newer accounts have that change built-in already). Some of you had noticed that EOS accounts created by Wombat had been created as so-called multi-sig accounts. We had built it that way to ensure a maximum of operational security for both our users and ourselves. However, whoever upgraded their account to Pro would get access to their private key and have multi-sig removed (switched to single-sig).

We’re now enabling an upgrade of each multi-sig EOS account to single-sig, which will give you even more freedom with your standard, non-Pro, EOS accounts. All you need to do is upgrade to the next version of Wombat (X on Android, Y on iOS and Z on Chrome) and upon the next start, you will be asked to sign a transaction called “updateAuth”. Technically, EOS requires us to have you sign that transaction, but we can assure you that it’s entirely harmless and most of you won’t notice a difference afterwards.

For users who have already upgraded to Pro and users with accounts which are newer than 2 weeks, nothing will change.

We hope you keep enjoying your ride with us, and will be launching more Wombattles and listing more games, soon!

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