Your One-Stop EOS Wallet

  • Free EOS & Telos account creation
  • Secure key storage and recovery
  • Get started in 20 seconds
  • Easy asset management

Your One-Stop EOS Wallet

Blockchain made simple

Send, receive and earn various cryptocurrencies without any technical knowledge. With only a couple of taps, you can operate assets across mutiple networks.

Worry-free wallet

No matter how much cryptocurrency you hold or how much digital assets you store, Wombat makes your wallet safer than Fort Knox and easier than ever to recover your keys.

Dynamic scaling

At busy times the workload on the blockchain can be very high, hence users run short on bandwidth for their account. By automatically re-staking needed resources Wombat guarantees that your favourite Apps and crypto-assets can be used and accessed any time.

Transfer Crypto Without Staking

Use your daily free transactions to move crypto seamlessly without staking.

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